The Formula

Napoleon Hill dedicated his whole life researching (and finding! ) The Formula  -

" What makes successful people ".

It’s in his book: " Think and Grow Rich". It was published in 1937 and it is still one of the bestsellers book.

I decided to follow his footsteps and I am looking for the next Formula  -

"What makes Leader a Legend?".

Through my research, interviews and coaching I have learnt that the first thing all legends know (and use to their advantage) is their Character DNA.

Character DNA is the undiluted essences that make one: unique, great, productive and successful. 

Once finding each Character DNA, it gives a greater sense of purpose and mainly the ability to reveal which values one should promote in his/her lifetime.

Knowing one Character DNA also intensify the influence on others.

That is the essence in my executive coaching – I help business individuals to find their Character DNA.


I make people think, differently.

There are many amazing and great business leaders today but only few will become Legends. The reason, I believe, is because they have not yet identified their Character DNA.

I keep making progress with my quest – looking for The Formula  -

What makes a Leader a Legend?

I will be happy to share my findings with you.

For now: something to write with, a questionnaire and few 1:1 coaching sessions is all that requires for you to work with me and find YOUR Character DNA.

If you are interested to find your Character DNA, please get in touch