Do you know which type of leader you are? Will you consider becoming a legend or wish to leave a legacy? I know how to get you there

None of us start our HRD role as Trusted Advisor but we all aspire to get there.

The Trusted Advisor is the person the CEO/MD turns to when issues first arises, often seeking an urgent response.

They approach someone they totally trust: It can be you.


Raise your HR influence across your organisation, mainly with your management, and particularly with your MD or CEO.

Become an integral and a strong minded member of the management team.

Fit the HR agenda to the business.

Be the person everyone asks for advice before they act.

You get to hear more of: " We need your advice", "We need you in this meeting", "We cherish your support".

Be the one who improves relationship with all stake holders, even with those who care little about HR.

Do more things your way.

Be involved in every important business meeting organised by your CEO, and be influential.

Getting to the top in HR and be chased by Head Hunters.

Be part of the business success with the appropriate recognition by your organisation

Enjoy the power of success, enjoy being who you are.


In our meetings and calls, I will:

Introduce you to practical tools and solution to get you more focused on your goals. 

Sharpen your "advice giving" skill to be more effective so you will earn the management's trust in your organisation.

Help you to quickly become a more proactive contributor to the business and a Trusted Advisor.

Teach you ways to navigate, map and improve and inspire relationships with other influencers. 

Provide deep insights on making the right impact in your HR leadership.

Support your critical thinking at critical time.

Show you how to be right and helpful.

Develop step by step and action plan to diffuse defensiveness and increase the respect to you as Trusted Advisor.

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The Moon and the Sun Theory

 As an HRD in a Trusted Advisors capacity, you work hard to get your CEO the moon. Now, you have the chance to get the sun in return for your efforts. 

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  • "Tamar is offering solutions in the shortest possible time"

    Robert O'Neill, UK

  • "Tamar brings innovative solutions."

    Ella Shechtman-Cory, San Francisco

  • "Tamar works with great dynamism and energy."

    Catherine Osborn, Writer, UK

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