• "Tamar is a trusted advisor"

    Henry Mattis, France

  • "Tamar is proactive and focused on achieving the best possible outcome."

    Ute Wieczoerk-King

  • "Tamar is trustworthy, her advice makes a difference."

    Moty Amish, Director, Netherlands

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The Business enviroment we are operating in is getting increasingly complex. We are faced with more and more challenges, while attempting to improve our performance and be self fulfilled.

Facing this reality, I will help you to develop critical thinking towards your role, anticipate and overcome business challenges, and I will combine it with an emphasis on your personal growth.


Be outstanding and inspirational to others.

See the impact of your actions on the internal political savvy.

Raise your profile in your company and in your industry.

Improve your performance as an individual or in a team.

Be outstanding.

Achieve recognition for your success.

Harness the power of anticipating business challenges and solving problems.

Be highly effective and focused.

Enhance your leadership.

Increase your influence on others.

Handle challenges and change with great success.

See improvements in every area of your work.


My coaching approach is oriented towards results and tangible outcomes.

We will discuss your challenges and concerns on how to handle complex situations. 

I guarantee you complete discretion, you will be able to discuss with me issues you may not fell comfortable discussing with colleagues or others.

You will have someone who understands what you are dealing with and in whom you can confide.

You will be able to step back and look at your role, your company and your future career in many different ways.

My support will consist in providing practical, valuable insights. My analytical skills and creativity provides my clients the clarity they desire to have.

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Three Steps Theory

The Formula and DNA

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  • 1Will you have a legacy?
  • 2Are you to become a legend?
  • 3What makes you a leader?