Agenda for HRBP Workshop


Increase HRBPs' ability to deal better with ongoing challenges

Get deeper into the business and build long-term relationships with their managers

Help them to let go of old habits and gain new skills such as coaching

Develop them towards becoming trusted advisors so they know how to influence 

There is more:

They will learn to work more independently whilst developing their skills as team players and be more efficient in their work with you and the HR team.



Training is always conducted in-house, to allow each participant to raise and deal with real situations whilst knowing what goes on tour, stays on tour i.e.full confidentiality.

Duration: 2 intense full days

The days are structured to cover all of the above yet it will be tailored with the HRD to maximise the business needs. 

Small groups of 6-10 people to help them to enjoy some personal development as well as group work. I also aim to increase the bond within the team, something every HRD desires.


My promise to my clients is:

"it's going to be intense, stimulating, relevant and fun"

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